Albano Carige: “I am here to work for the people of Beira.”

Albano Carige is giving a speech at a podium in front of people.

Albano Carige is giving a speech at a podium in front of people.

“Here to ‘Gym’.” Using a slang expression commonly used to convey the word “work,” Albano Carige addressed the people of Beira this Wednesday during the inauguration as the mayor of Beira.

Without much formality and with straightforward language, Albano Carige appealed to all Beira residents to join efforts in improving the quality of life in this municipality. Receiving the symbols of the Republic and the Municipality of Beira, Albano Carige assured that he would work day and night to keep this municipality on the path of development.

“I am ready to ‘Gym.’ It wasn’t Albano Carige who won. It was the population of Beira,” emphasized Albano Carige.

Furthermore, the mayor urged residents to forget their political differences and, together, find the best platforms for the city’s development. As if pointing the way for this development, he highlighted some areas that will deserve attention from the Beira Municipal Council, namely:

“The start of the second drainage ditch project in Palmeiras, Matacuane, Macuti, and Estoril. We will also work on the issue of the second retention basin in Estoril,” specified Albano Carige.

As in the past, the mayor of Beira criticized the central government for the lack of channeling Municipal Compensation Funds.

On this occasion, he made it clear that the endorsement of this amount by the central government is not a favor to the residents, as it remained unchanneled for several months in 2022 and 2023. “The people of Beira know that this fund is not a favor to the residents. Some may be mistaken, saying that he is crying. Here is my population that gives me money,” noted Albano Carige.

To the justice system, Albano Carige threw jabs and criticisms for allegedly allowing political interference. Carige also called for speed in the trial of criminal cases with all evidence presented, without political interference. “We don’t want criminals in the city of Beira who feel protected by the Fifth Section of the Judicial Court of the City of Beira,” ironically remarked Albano Carige.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, the representative of the Head of State, urged municipal bodies to safeguard national interests. “Developing harmonious and complementary work with a perspective to turn differences into opportunities. May the city of Beira be the epicenter of the convergence of our common thinking in the perspective of peace, unity, and development.

Carige’s inauguration was preceded by the investiture of members of the Municipal Assembly.

Jacinta dos Remédios was elected President of the Municipal Assembly of Beira, replacing Ricardo Lange, also from MDM, who served two terms as president.

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