Bergoglio’s four basic heresies

The first area is the preaching of false mercy

In Scripture, receiving God’s mercy is always linked to repentance. This is expressed in the parable of the prodigal son. The preaching of false mercy, however, eliminates this condition for salvation, that is, repentance. Jesus urges us:

“Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13:3)


Bergoglio preaches heresies and exploits the usurped papal authority to teach them publicly. He commits this crime knowingly and willingly. He demands imitation, that is, the implementation of his heresies. Furthermore, he is building on a system of lies which is very effective. This is because it is composed of very vivid, sensitively conveyed truths that touch the heart.

For example, he explains that Jesus is merciful and forgiving, and therefore the devil is powerless against a repentant sinner. A repentant sinner, however, also has a sincere desire to break with sin. But Bergoglio does not want it and will not allow it. That is why the term “repentance” and other biblical terms are only manipulative phrases in his mouth. Then it is not the devil, but the forgiving Jesus who is powerless because the sinner does not accept forgiveness, he rejects it. This is because Bergoglio teaches not to regard sin as sin, but to persist in it. He deadens the conscience of the sodomites with phrases like “God loves you as you are, so love yourself”. By doing so, he prevents them from repenting for salvation.


The 1955 Catechism of Cardinal Tomášek lists the sins against the Holy Spirit:

The first one is: presumptuous reliance on God’s mercy. Bergoglio deliberately and one-sidedly assures the sinners of God’s mercy in order that they may not turn away from sin but rather have, as St. Basil says, greater courage to sin, because the truth of eternal damnation must not be proclaimed. Bergoglio keeps sinners on the road to perdition by deliberately overemphasizing God’s mercy.

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