CONF GROWTH inspires young entrepreneurs to achieve success in business in Mozambique.

In a context where Mozambican youth increasingly ventures into entrepreneurship, significant challenges arise in this growing sector in the country.

Entrepreneurship goes beyond simply selling products or services; it requires entrepreneurs to have a deep understanding of the desired business. Additionally, it is crucial to conduct market studies and learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs to achieve success.

With the purpose of providing valuable guidance, a young entrepreneur took the initiative to bring together nationally renowned speakers and business leaders. Personalities such as Marlena Chambule, Nivaldo Thierry, Sheila Ibrahimo, Maurício Niquice, Egas Daniel, Ismael Nangy, Cecília Mahumane, and Dércio Sitoe shared their entrepreneurial journeys during the conference called CONF GROWTH.

More than 30 young people participated in the event, eager to expand their horizons and learn how to build a successful business from scratch. The project manager responsible for the initiative emphasized the importance of guiding young entrepreneurs and providing the necessary support to ensure long-term success.

The conference aimed to bring a new perspective to young people who often underestimate the complexity of entrepreneurship. It emphasized that strategy is crucial for every entrepreneur or businessperson, and the conference aimed to provide tools for exponential growth to participants by connecting them directly with prominent figures in the national business scene.

Highlighting the growing role of digital marketing in Mozambique, the source noted that while many personalities offer lectures, few young people have access to these opportunities. The initiative seeks to fill this gap by providing participants with a platform to learn from the best.

One of the participants, Tainara Adozinda Mubalo, a university student majoring in financial and banking management, expressed hope to gain knowledge to eventually enter the business world and contribute to the country’s development.

Iracelma da Rosa Lucas Puruleia, another participant, emphasized the importance of acquiring the right tools for success in entrepreneurship, even if she does not yet have a business in mind.

The organizers’ expectation is to hold a second edition of the event, featuring more national speakers, to provide solid guidelines and fundamental foundations for young entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the country’s economic development.

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