Francis Bergoglio celebrates the liturgy invalidly because a manifest heretic is not a member of the Church

Saint Bellarmine teaches: “For even bad Catholics [i.e. who are not heretics] are united (with the Church) and are (its) members, spiritually by faith, corporally by confession of faith and by participation in the visible sacraments; the occult [i.e. secret] heretics are united (with the Church) and are (its) members although only by external union; 

on the contrary, the good catechumens belong to the Church only by an internal union, not by the external; but manifest heretics do not pertain in any manner (either external or internal).” 

It follows that if manifest heretics do not pertain to the Church in any manner, either internal or external, they celebrate the Mass invalidly.

Is Francis Bergoglio a manifest heretic? Yes, he is. He has provocatively dedicated himself to Satan and publicly promotes the abrogation of God’s laws and the enforcement of the antilaws of sodomy.

Is he therefore excommunicated from the Church in both external and internal manner? Yes, he is.
So does Jorge Bergoglio celebrate the liturgy validly? No, he does not. His liturgy is just a pious spectacle to deceive the faithful. He is no longer a member of the Church and therefore cannot be its head, nor can he celebrate the liturgy or administer the sacraments validly. This follows from the basic principle that a heretic is not a member of the Church. This is not only the teaching of St Bellarmine, but it is also the teaching of the Church Fathers, who build on the very essence of the teachings of Christ. What is true of Bergoglio also fully applies to his Bergoglian sect which occupies the Church today.

An excommunicated person cannot be the head of the Church and cannot validly hold any church office. The fact that Bergoglio and his sect do not respect this is another matter. The problem is that their public apostasy is respected by Catholics who have succumbed to the heresy of papolatry. Those who have excommunicated themselves from the Church cannot validly celebrate the Holy Mass, thus cannot consecrate. The Orthodox Church refers to such a situation as one in which the bishop or priest has been deprived of God’s grace.

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