Great Expectations Faded: Articulated Buses Still Parked in Garages

A group of articulated buses parked on the side of a road.

A group of articulated buses parked on the side of a road.

The articulated buses, destined to revolutionize transport in the Greater Maputo metropolitan region, are far from fulfilling the promise of coming into operation since January, as announced by the Ministry of Transport. The arrival of these vehicles, from South Africa, brought hope of relief to the chronic transport problems in the region, but the current reality is one of immobility.

The Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT), responsible for the project, claims to have completed all technical aspects, but is now faced with bureaucratic issues that prevent buses from circulating. The president of the AMT board of directors, António Matos, highlights that the process is not instantaneous and faces contractual and bureaucratic challenges.

The first buses arrived before last Christmas, promising to alleviate the region’s transport crisis. However, the Ministry of Transport, which announced the start of operations in January 2024, was unable to meet the deadline. Vehicles remain immobilized in parks, waiting for administrative barriers to be overcome.

Matos explains that, despite the routes already defined, and the technical part completed last year, bureaucracy has delayed the process. AMT is committed to training 50 drivers, ensuring that the buses will begin transporting passengers this month, preferably in February.

The six planned routes for the Greater Maputo metropolitan area have already been established, and each articulated bus has the capacity to transport more than 100 passengers per trip. The fare has not yet been determined.

With a total of 22 articulated buses purchased, only 20 will enter circulation, while the other two will remain as technical reserves. Notably, the vehicles maintain South African registration plates, indicating possible documentary issues.

The population eagerly awaits the start of operations, hoping that these articulated buses will finally alleviate transport challenges in the Greater Maputo metropolitan region.

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