MAMBAS: “It’s Not Just About Playing, It’s About Attitude”

A man laying on the ground in front of a soccer field.

A man laying on the ground in front of a soccer field.

The Mambas only managed a draw against Egypt at the start of the CAN, extinguishing any hopes of progressing in the competition. Despite fervent support from football enthusiasts, the Mozambican national team, coached by Chiquinho Conde, couldn’t move forward.

Using the line from MC ROGER, “não basta jogar, é preciso atitude,” translated as “it’s not enough to play; attitude is necessary,” it seems that the same sentiment applies to the Mambas. The team needs attitude; playing alone is not sufficient.

On Friday afternoon (19), the Mambas packed their bags and will soon be back in their home country, watching from afar as other teams shine in the continent’s premier football competition.

Cape Verde defeated Mozambique 3-0 in the second round of Group B in the African Cup of Nations (CAN), securing their spot in the round of 16. The Blue Sharks, who had already defeated Ghana in the first round, also ensure the top spot in the group, which also includes Egypt, led by Rui Vitória.

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