The new mayor of Maputo aims to combat corruption and wasteful spending in the municipality

The mayor of Maputo, dressed in a suit, holds a hammer.

The mayor of Maputo, dressed in a suit, holds a hammer.

Rasaque Manhique assumed the presidency of the Maputo Municipality and pledged to fight corruption in the municipality, even if it requires the removal of high municipal officials.

The fourth mayor in the history of the Maputo municipality, Rasaque Manhique, received the responsibilities from his predecessor, Eneas Comiche, this Wednesday, in front of an audience composed of politicians, religious leaders, civil society, and the city’s residents.

The ceremony followed the same pattern as the other 65 municipalities in the country, with the highlight being the speech of the new leader of the largest municipality nationwide. Rasaque Manhique promised a city that excels in meeting the needs of over one million inhabitants.

“Let us not be spenders of public funds, spending money on expenses claiming necessity. It should not be a necessity for us to rush to buy, for example, for our leaders and officials, while our population suffers every day at the stops,” said Manhique, immediately applauded by those present.

The new President of the Maputo Municipal Council wants to combat erosion, protect families from urban floods, streamline the issuance of land use certificates (Duats), and fight against corruption, even if it requires the removal of municipal leaders. “We are sure that we will fight (corruption), even if the first to fall in this fight are the highest executives and municipal leaders,” he warned.

He also speaks of the need to bring the municipality closer to the residents. He exemplifies that “come tomorrow because the boss is not here, the director is not here, come tomorrow because the President has not signed, should not be the hallmark in our municipal direction,” said the mayor of Maputo.

Upon leaving, Eneas Comiche thanked the support of the residents and made a point of saying that in the coming days, the municipality will continue to reap the results of his work. If the municipality already has a self-built silo under the initiative of the Municipal Council, Comiche announced that “three other executive projects were elaborated for the construction of three silos, with available financing that was not executed with financing from the Municipal Council,” he said, adding that “the KaNyaka municipal district will receive, in a few days, two robust mixed-use vehicles for cargo and passenger transport. By the end of this year, KaNyaka will have a wharf for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers from boats,” said Comiche at the end of his second term.

The inauguration of the President of the Municipal Council was preceded by the investiture of 70 of the 71 members of the Municipal Assembly. Venâncio Mondlane, the Renamo’s head of the list, was the only absentee. Maria Nhancale, from the Frelimo party, was elected President of the Municipal Assembly.

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