Yango Receives INTIC Certification to Operate as a Digital Platform in Maputo

A man standing next to a Yango tuk - tuk.

A man standing next to a Yango tuk - tuk.

On October 25th, the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (INTIC) issued a Certificate of Registration of Entities to Ridetech MOZ, SAS, an affiliated company of the Yango’s Group of Companies, an international group that develops the Yango application.

The Certificate of Registration of Entities issued by INTIC, through the Service and Platform Management System (SGSPD), certifies Ridetech MOZ, SAS as an Intermediate Electronic Service Provider in the category of Digital Platform Operator operating in the Digital Market under the name Yango.

On September 12, 2023, INTIC initiated the Registration Process for Intermediate Providers of Electronic Services and Operators of Digital Platforms, informing all interested parties through Notice No. 01/INTIC/2023. Ridetech MOZ, SAS immediately started working on its application and received the Certificate of Registration of Entities on October 25th, becoming one of the first Digital Platforms in Mozambique with this certificate. Yango is proud of this accomplishment.

According to Mahomed Adam, Yango’s representative in Mozambique, “the issuance of the INTIC Certificate of Registration of Entities demonstrates Yango’s commitment to the country, working more proactively with INTIC. We believe that technology-oriented transportation services can significantly benefit Mozambique, providing affordable and reliable mobility solutions to its residents.” He added,

“This also has immense significance as it marks another fundamental step in solidifying our services in Maputo. It is crucial to emphasize that acquiring this certificate is part of a series of strategic efforts that we have diligently undertaken for months. This includes the implementation of cutting-edge security mechanisms designed to provide our valued users with the utmost peace of mind when choosing to book transportation through our application. We remain committed to ensuring the highest safety and convenience for everyone in Maputo.”

Yango is optimistic about the opportunities that this certificate and application present for both businesses and the people of Mozambique. The company hopes to provide cutting-edge transportation services and drive innovation in the region.

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