Yango Transforms Lives in Mozambique in Just 12 Months

Two roll up banners showcasing Yango's transformative impact in Mozambique.

Two roll up banners showcasing Yango's transformative impact in Mozambique.

Maputo, December 8, 2023 — Yango, one of the leading mobility apps in Africa, continues to win the hearts of many Mozambicans and contribute to their livelihoods. The operators of Yango have reasons to be grateful, as this platform has changed the mindset of many low-income citizens, who once thought “taxis were for the wealthy.”

**Julia Jaime**, a Yango driver since November 2022, shares her experience. She started working with the app after losing her partner, and amid loneliness and stress, she decided to quit her job where she earned 10,000.00MT per month. “I didn’t fall into depression only because I have children. Now I earn four times more, can afford to pay for school, save money, manage my time to be with my family, and work.”

**Mario Baptista**, with Yango since November 2022, expresses how the app changed his life financially. He emphasizes that Yango transformed his household expenses and brought about unexplained positive changes.

**Tania Machai**, driving with Yango for seven months since April 2023, highlights the advantages of working with Yango. She mentions how, financially, she can now reconcile her accounts and earn five times more than her previous income.

**Armando Inguane**, a graduate facing unemployment after college, started taxi services with Yango in November 2022. He shares his journey from a humble family background and not understanding the concept of taxis to now seeing it as an accessible service.

These stories were shared by the Director of Yango in Mozambique, **M. Zameer Adam**, during the 3rd Internet Governance Forum in Mozambique, organized by the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (INTIC, IP).

The Forum, themed “For an accessible, inclusive, safe, and resilient internet,  ”is a space for deep reflection on internet governance in Mozambique. The Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, **Daniel Nivagara**, mentioned that this edition coincides with the 1st Youth Forum on Internet Governance in Mozambique, aimed at involving youth in discussions about sustainable digital futures.

INTIC, represented by PCA **Lourino Chemane**, acknowledged Mozambique’s progress in internet governance, citing recent regulations, including the Registration and Licensing of Electronic Service Providers and Intermediaries and Digital Platform Operators Decree No. 59/2023 of October 27.

The forum also discussed the importance of digital transformation and artificial intelligence in overall governance and internet governance in Mozambique.

**Zameer Adam**, Yango’s Representative in Mozambique, expressed gratitude for being part of the forum. He emphasized Yango’s role in transforming the transportation market in Mozambique, clarifying that Yango is a digital platform, not a taxi company. Zameer acknowledged the challenges initially faced and praised INTIC’s efforts in regulating digital platforms.

Looking ahead, Zameer Adam mentioned Yango’s ambitious plans, including introducing additional features and expanding to other provinces. The company aims to bring food delivery services, but did not provide specific dates for their launch.

In conclusion, Zameer Adam stressed Yango’s commitment to empowering local communities, and how Yango, being the first company with a Certificate of Registration for Digital Service Operators in Mozambique, supports local events and initiatives.

**About Yango:**
Yango, an international technology company, offers mobility and delivery services through its super app in over 20 countries across Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Launched in Mozambique in November 2022, Yango has become a significant local player, contributing to approximately 60% of the company’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region by mid-2022. The multilingual Yango app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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